Private Label Manufacturing Division Overview

Stellar Nail Care Products is the name behind many prestigious brands of nail care products on the market today in addition to our own lines of acrylic products.

Let our experienced team help you develop winning, profitable products under your own private label.

You may choose between our successful Stock Formulas or we can make Custom Formulas to suit your specifications.

If we do not have a stock product that will satisfy your needs, we are fully equipped to develop a custom acrylic or gel nail care formula to meet your requirements. A custom product is suitable for those customers who require a private label product made to certain specifications an exclusive product.

What We Offer

Individual Consulting – advising in all relevant matters, concept development-packaging design.

Product Formulation – providing ready and custom product formula, let our experienced chemists design your new products or reformulate an old one, choice between manufacturing the products with us (basic formulation program) or your formulations to another manufacture or another country to manufacture it (exclusive formulations program),

Product Development – Research and product development in compliance with customer wishes.

Manufacturing – All products manufactured in accordance with Good Manufacturing Procedure (GMP). We follow the recommendations of the FDA and our facilities are set up in accordance with CTFA Quality Assurance Guidelines. These guidelines enable us to guarantee the consistency and quality of our products from batch to batch. We perform temperature and stability tests on all new formulations, and we never test our products on animals.

Ready Made Formulas – that have been extensively researched and developed according to the market requirements ( USA, South America, Asia, Middle East, Europe, Australia, Africa), products will be packaged according to the customer specifications, we have a wide variety of packages to choose from or buy it in bulk and package it yourself.

Packaging – In order to offer the best service in this industry, we now offer stock and custom containers through our container division based here in Florida at very competitive prices (customers who buy the actual personal care products that are offered as packaged will pay even less than our current low prices for the containers), beside containers, we also offer folding cartons, filling, assembly etc.

Contact Douglas Kleim at 800-624-5707 with your private labeling requirements and we can help you go through the process of creating your own market ready products from drawing table to manufacture and packaging ready for sale.